Forays into Tarot

I bought a tarot deck 3 years ago (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg). And I’ve occasionally played around with it, but never done any real readings. Mostly I’ve just kind of shuffled it around, read the accompanying book, and kind of just told myself that I’ll eventually get to using the deck. I’m sure that I was having some trouble with figuring out to read it. Plus, I was always better at reading rune stones than tarot.


But today, with some spare time on my hand, I figured I would actually try reading with it. (For myself…which I know a lot of people say is problematic on its own, but oh well – I need to practice somehow, and reading for myself is not completely out of line)

So I decided to just do a 3 card reading–to test the waters. No real specific question, just on life in the next 6 months.

This is what I drew:Tarot Spread

  • First card: XIV – Temperance
  • Second card: Three of Clubs, inverted
  • Third card: Three of Coins

I figure that if I start off simple with 3 cards, they have to mean past, present and future (which is a bit funny, because it reminds me of A Christmas Carol and the 3 ghosts…but it works, so I’m running with it). I was having a bit of fun with this – and one kind of makes me smile. I’m not sure if it’s the deck playing with me or not, but I figure its not a bad start into learning to read tarot.

  1. Temperance – which should mean accomplishment through self-control and discipline.
  2. Three of Clubs, inverted – diminishing adversity and to be wary of offered help.
  3. Three of Coins – skill, mastery, dignity.

So in the past, I’ve gotten to where I am through self-control and discipline – which is true enough. I didn’t get through college or to my current job without being in control of myself and working hard for my goals. As for the present – well that’s a bit amusing. At work I’ve had to ask for some assistance and help, which has not been going well, and the employee who is supposed to be helping me has been terribly untrustworthy. So that’s a fair warning towards present situations and if he suddenly becomes too helpful. Then the future – I’m taking this to mean I should work towards mastery and improving my skills. As for dignity, maybe I’m supposed to keep myself upheld in dignity, despite circumstances?

I figure I might also be a bit too “literal” in reading the cards. But nuances would come with practice, and time, so even if this is a bit too literal a reading for someone more experienced, I’m comfortable with it.

And actually, I had fun reading. So I’ll have to keep practicing on this until I get better at this. And if this doesn’t explain why I love this deck so much (it is pretty), you should definitely check out some other photos of the deck. It has stunning artwork.



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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

One thought on “Forays into Tarot

  1. I’m sure that you know that the Tarot deck is from Renaissance Italy added to a regular deck of playing cards. Right now I am using some ancient Hellenic methods (still no liver reading ;-( — no Haruspex to take classes). There must be some original Russian divination methods. Years ago I knew a lovely Irish lady who could read regular playing cards. Just get to know your cards and they will let you know their meanings.


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