Garden Serenity

I went to visit Portland last weekend. One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting the Japanese Garden there. (It’s got a great website, here)

It was extremely tranquil and a good respite from the ungodly heat in Portland (100° that day). But beyond that…it’s massively green. I love green, growing things. The fact is, I enjoy quiet, peaceful places. You can take a guided tour, or you can just go wander yourself. I’m a fan of wandering off by yourself to see the place.

I didn’t take a lot of photos while I was there. I was more interested in just enjoying how peaceful it was. – I could keep repeating that a million times. The peace was nice, and even with quite a few people there, it wasn’t like it was over-crowded and loud.

Lots of people were there. And people were friendly enough and no one was getting in each others ways. It was pretty impressive how many people were there, even early in the morning when we went there.

I wanted to spend more time there, but we did have other things to do. But, I figure, when I go back to Portland, I can visit again.

The greenery was impressive. And it was beautifully arranged. I really liked how different sections flowed into each other, so it’s like you move between different mini worlds while seeing different things.

One of the pretty impressive things was the wooden bridge over the koi ponds. The koi fish were massive too, and in types of colors I’ve never seen before. There was a black and yellow koi fish…but it moved too fast for me to take a photo of it. Pity too, because it was actually kind of pretty (even if I don’t like fish).

I just really enjoyed being able to wander around a garden and take in the sights and sounds. It was a nice way to spend an hour and a half just cruising along at my own speed. And a nice difference to well-manicured, extremely pruned gardens I’ve visited else where. This one was nice for how some of it seems more wild and grown. – I know that it’s always maintained, but it is more natural than any other garden I’ve seen.

It’s really serene. It was nice to use this visit as time to just contemplate and relax.





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