Czech Republic – Beautiful Place

Source: Czech Republic Is Possibly The Most Beautiful Place You Could Visit

I love Praha. I spent a few days there while I was living in Germany, it was my favorite place. Going through the Czech countryside from Germany towards Prague was gorgeous. I can say I’ve seen a few of these places personally. It’s inspirational. I’m excited to get to go back.


2 thoughts on “Czech Republic – Beautiful Place

  1. A friend of mine was just in Praha and Kutna Hora. The furthest east I ever got in Europe is Athens and Salzburg in Austria. I’ve always been meaning to go back to Vienna, Hungary, the Czech Republic, possibly Kiev and St. Petersburg.


    1. The Czech Republic was the most gorgeous place I visited. Stunningly beautiful. I want to visit some other Eastern European countries (Romania, Russia, Hungary), but I’ll start from Prague.

      Basically – it’s worth the visit. So much to see. Not even a week is enough time for Prague.


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