I’ll post again about my precious kitty.

She’s 18 today, and only 2 months shy of the date we picked her up from a breeder and brought her home with us. I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old. I’m eternally grateful for having such a wonderful friend and kitty companion that has been with me for all these years.

Through all the hardships, terrible experiences I had growing up…all my nerves and concerns for teenage life, and the terrible times I had with family, she’s been there. Always available with her pretty little self and her purrs and mews to cheer me up. And she’s been a playful little friend as well–she still plays with me even now, even at 18. There’s not a lot I can say that isn’t kind of cheesy and overkill on the sappiness. She’s sweet and cute, a tiny little fur-ball who likes to sleep curled up in my arms or on the foot of my bed. Her favorite perches are window sills to watch people walk around and see everything around her. She likes to drink water out of my water cups, even when I try to stop her. And she’ll do anything for cheese. She’ll do tricks or follow you around the house forever, if you promise to give her cheese.

She’s my absolute favorite. I adore every second I get to spend with her. And I’m very glad that she’s still around, healthy and playful and as cute as ever.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday to your little Princess! She is soooo beautiful! My Artemidora is only 2 years old; but, she makes sure I am safe everyday because she follows me into the bath room.


    1. Thanks! Rose is queen of the castle, so to speak. She prefers to follow me around the kitchen to get food (even if it is stuff she doesn’t eat)

      Artemidora is a pretty name for a cat, by the way.


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