I learned how to crochet at the age of 7. Wintertime at my grandparent’s house, cooped up in the house during the week on vacations to visit the family…and I spent a lot of time watching my grandma crochet. She would make, among all sorts of other things, these massive, warm blankets for the house. So that year, she promised to make me one, and I got to pick the yarn colors as well; so while she made me a massive blanket (now sadly gone missing thanks to family discord while I was abroad, before I could save it) she also taught me the basics of crochet.

I’ve been doing it ever since she taught me the basics that winter. Which means, now that I think about it, I’ve been crocheting nearly 18 years at this point. I won’t claim I’m any great talent, because I’m not. But it’s fun, soothing, and reminds me of fun times spent with my grandma. All of which is a nice thing to think about and remember.

I’ve mentioned before I was interested in knot magic. Or something related to it, that was related to thread and yarn.

I’m thinking one thing that would be really easy for me to do is crochet as a form of thread magic. Because I do it a lot, and there’s a happy kind of intention in everything already when I crochet. Putting further intention in would be easy, and I could easily turn my mind towards other ideas while crocheting. I could turn it to protection, or even cloaking/disguise if I wanted. There are a lot of possibilities. And considering how I’ve got a good grasp on basic stitches, it would be easy to work on.

I have a pretty good yarn collection, I could start with something small, and get back into the habit of finishing my projects. Maybe move on from there to more advanced and involved projects to use as basis. I have some patterns saved that I’ve been waiting to try, so this would be a good way to put those patterns and ideas to use.

This might be my next project though:

Photo by themegababe from Ravelry

Photo by themegababe from Ravelry

Here is a link to the information (courtesy of Ravelry): Beginner’s Wrist Warmers with Ridges

It should be a fairly simple thing to make. And I really could use a pair of these at work. My office is freezing, and wrist/hand warmers with the fingers free would be really handy to use. Plus…I could imbue patience, or perhaps deflection (to keep customers from screaming at me) into them, to make things perhaps easier at work.

Just the latest idea running through my head. I’ll see if I can find a good type of yarn for me to use for this.