Cats In Slavic Tradition

Source: Cats In Slavic Mythology And Folk Tradition

Cats: among my favorite things and creatures. It’s always interesting to know when your own personal beliefs mesh with other peoples.


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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

2 thoughts on “Cats In Slavic Tradition

  1. There is a wonderful saying among the Slavs that you do not have a home unless you have a cat! My Artemidora would definitely agree with that, though she does play with the house spirits until they decide to scare her on occasion. Now, that is funny! I always tell her that the domovoi and the others can’t be trusted. However, she always has to peek around the corners.


    1. Haha. That’s great. My cat always seems to have what we term “friends”. Invisible things that none of us see. I’ve lately been wondering if they might be spirits.

      But that’s a great saying I have to keep in mind!


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