Crafting and Beads

I’ve kind of had inspiration lately to get into some crafting and beading. No real reason…and I’m not sure why. But, I’ve been kind of debating what I want to do. There are a lot of ideas that swirl in my head, and I know that I’ve got a bit too many ideas, so I need to rein them in and be deliberate.

For me, I’m interested in beading…because my grandma used to do it with me. And I always loved just sitting and working with her. But, I’m also very interested in my own heritage. And Bohemian glass (or Bohemian crystal) is something I’m very interested in. And some of the factories out of the Czech Republic make some of the prettiest beads I’ve seen.

I’m really fascinated with pretties…shinies…and really anything that glimmers and looks pretty. Beads are a small, fairly inexpensive way of having a collection that I can manage, that is pretty and fun. And I can also admit, I’m a bit obsessed with nice, pretty things.

Druk -
Druk –

These are called druk. Spherical beads, which are pretty commonly made, at least from my knowledge. I used to have a small collection of these, that I’d picked up from stores. I don’t think what I had were all from the Czech Republic, probably only 1 or 2 small groupings were. But, I remember I also had some decorative beads from there that I was able to buy at a craft store.

I’m thinking of rebuilding my collection and getting to work on some crafty things. I’m working on crocheting again. And adding beading will be the best thing for me, as it gives another creative outlet for me. I’ve thought about creating a set of my own personal prayer beads. First though, I need to find beads that will work for me, and that I like. Regardless, I can always use beads for beading, making jewelry and even just to add to my other crafts.

Butterfly - Beadaholique
Butterfly –

Beads from animal shapes are some of my favorites. And they seem to have such fun, playful character. So I’m going to slowly begin re-creating my collection. And once I’ve rebuilt some of my collection, I’ll have a better idea of what I can do, and what I can make right now. I’ll also know what else I need to collect to create anything I’m interested in.

I’ll see what catches my eye, and go on from there. I have enough time to work slowly at this, and make careful, deliberate decisions. That way I’m happy with what I purchase. I want to have things that make me happy, that suit their purpose. So I will give myself time to figure out exactly what I’m going to buy, and what I want to make.

If I were to create any prayer beads, I would want to have significant choices. The color, symbolism, and meaning would have to be right for me. They would all need to go together as well, which would require further planning. I guess my actually doing any crafting with beads is going to be a bit of a ways out, probably end of July at the very earliest, in terms of consideration for what I want to do. And even if it is just for jewelry, I’m fine to admit that I’m deliberate in what I choose. I don’t like to make snap decisions, so it would take a lot of looking for me, to pick what I wanted. And I would need to get some more jewelry-making supplies, which I no longer possess, before I could start.

So I’ll have to hold off on my plans to start.

But crafting and beads are enough of interest to me that I’m willing to do the long-term planning to make what I want. It’s just a matter of gathering, deciding and planning, and then putting it into action.

Leaf -
Leaf –



2 thoughts on “Crafting and Beads

  1. Good luck on your creative projects! (And hi from fellow crocheter and beader!) Finding those beads takes some time and intuition. It may take awhile to amass the pieces, but They will help you select the right ones. Blessings!


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