Magical Name

I know that lots of people use magical names…or craft names. The descriptor can change, but in the end it serves the same purpose.

I know that there are traditions that hold one’s true name to be sacred and powerful. Other traditions require, or prefer a craft name to separate religious workings from normal, every day life. I’m not talking about those, as neither one applies for me.

For me–a magical name is something I do not see a need for. I used to think I needed one, after all, people online are constantly talking about their magical name, or their craft name. And when I first started off I thought I needed one to fit into the “pagan” population. But then, all those websites telling how to find your magical name were always so ambiguous about it. “Take your favorite animal, favorite color, and favorite element. Mix them up and get your name”. “Use your god or goddess’ name and your favorite flower.” Or anything along those lines. It was pretty plug and play.

Or, “Meditate until you get your name.” That last one always annoyed me–not just because I’m terrible at meditation. But it was also annoying because it’s an implication that meditation would always get an answer. I’ve found that meditation is useless for me. It just does not work. Or maybe it’s just that I have not found a meditation technique that works for me. But in any case–meditating to find my name was never going to work for me.

And because none of those methods seemed to really work for me I began to wonder if I even actually was required to have a magic name. After all, my own name had served me well enough for years, why did I need a special name to interact with deities and spirits…with other people interested in paganism/polytheism/witchcraft/etc? And that was what began my transformation.

After all, if I doubted the necessity of my needing a magical name, then I clearly would not be creating one.

So I quickly realized that I was not going to use one. Not needing one, I stepped back from all the online hullabaloo about it. Whether they should remain “secret” or not. Whether they really had power or not. None of those are questions that bother me. I use my birth name in working, it is me more than any name I might have created. So I kindly recuse myself from debates on the merits of craft or magical names. after all, the issue is not something that I am so deeply invested in that I will debate. I like to learn more about why others may or may not have them, why they keep them secret or not–but I do not really profess to needing one anymore. Other practices ideas are unique and interesting, so I like learning.

In the meantime though, I can be happy knowing that for me I’m comfortable no longer needing another name.


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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

One thought on “Magical Name

  1. Obviously you are a follower of your ancestor’s Gods. The idea of this so-called “craft” name came from Wicca and possibly Ceremonial Magic, both of which are modern and oath bound. There are so many “myths” among modern neo-pagans who follow no pantheon and just see it as a magical practice. I do not consider myself such a “pagan” as I worship the Gods of the Hellenic pantheon.


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