Something that always causes problems for me. I’m extremely introverted. But I also do like people that I like. And it’s always difficult to figure out what exactly is a good balance there–between sociability and my need to have alone time to recharge.

So I’m always having that struggle between how much I can handle socially, and the fact that I’m supposed to be social and outgoing. Because as a woman, I’m supposed to be always available and willing to talk with anyone.

Here’s a pretty link: How to Understand an Introvert.

It’s a good little link with a lot of information that I enjoy. And it makes me happy that there’s some kind of information out there about people like me.

I just want this saved for records. Also, because I have to wonder about how I’m ever going to survive the inevitable day I make up the courage to go to some real-world pagan event–there’s so many people, and I’m always nervous about that. So perhaps I can work on building up enough…whatever it is to survive a day or two out in the open with tons of strangers who know nothing about me and the fact that I like to remain a bit apart.


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