So I had a mini freak out last night and today.

My cat had some sort of seizure…or something weird that happened to her last night. We don’t really know what’s wrong with her. She seemed “fine” right afterwards, but it was really scary. She was eating and drinking, and playing like normal just afterwards, and that is why we have no clue what happened to her. So we took her to the vet emergency clinic today. After 2.5 hours there and an examination, they don’t think it was a seizure. It didn’t present like one, they said. She probably has arthritis and some kind of pain triggered her episode last night, or that’s what the vet thought. But…regardless, it was not pleasant.

RoseySo now my mom and I are going to be giving my kitty a few types of medication to try and make sure that she isn’t in pain. From there, we find out, once she’s more mellow, if there’s anything else we have to do. I’m hoping it is just kitty arthritis and that otherwise she will be okay. Otherwise, I don’t know what we’ll do.

It’s so expensive to do treatment–even just the kitty arthritis medication was expensive. So I’m praying that it will be okay now. Because I’m really worried that my little baby kitty is going to have something majorly wrong with her.

(The vet did tell us today that it might just be arthritis that she cannot keep hidden anymore, after all, she is 17.5 years old now. So that’s what I’m hoping for.)

Right now, she’s all curled up sleeping pleasantly. So I hope that means she’s doing better now.