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I’ve always been interesting in writing. I like to do a lot myself. Granted, most of it is fanfiction or short little things that I just write because an idea comes to me. And I don’t share it anywhere. Never have. Oh, wait, I actually did get a poem I wrote published back in middle school–but that’s the only thing of mine anyone could find out anywhere. I don’t even remember what I wrote about, or what publication it went into. I know my family has a hard copy of the volume somewhere in a box…but I haven’t seen it since I was 11 or so. Maybe sometime I’ll dig it out and compare how much my writing has improved since I was 11 or thereabouts.

I always was a bit creative, at least so say my teachers and my mother. My teachers used to love when I had to do creative writing assignments. I always liked doing things like that, and I know I’m a good writer–at least comparatively. I don’t even begin to claim that I would be talented enough to get published…but I enjoy my little hobby. Writing helps destress me, and I enjoy having something that just lets me write for fun and put whatever I’m thinking to paper (or for most of the time regarding me, to keyboard). It soothes to write and just have fun with it.

Writing Notebooks
Writing Notebooks

I suppose it’s a gift of mine, having the ability to write. And not just passably, but very well, my teachers used to tell me. I had one teacher who said I should go into writing when I got older. I was about 9 or so when I knew him. He said that he hoped I always kept writing, because I had a good sense for it. And every writing assignment his class had for me was fun–fascinating. So I always enjoyed writing for that. I’m good at writing–whether it was for school assignments, essays or dissertations…or into the creative writing assignments I had. I like writing for fun as well. It’s been a good strategy for me, a way to put ideas onto paper, even if it’s just a few words or sentences.

But there’s another side to it. I think that everyone has gifts. Something they are good at–naturally so. Whether it be sports, dance, music, writing, crafts, computers, whatever. There is something, I think, that everyone has a talent for. All people have something there. For me, my talents all lie within the realm of academia or written word. I’m good at studying, at writing, at reading. Anything that could remotely relate to academia, I’ve got a good grasp on. I’m just also comfortable there, with those things. And perhaps this is a bit presumptuous, but I think that people should work towards their gifts. (And perhaps a bit naive too, but I don’t mind that)

I’ve always wondered why my talents lie so specifically in just one area. After all, I could be more like my cousins or sibling, all of whom have multiple talent areas. Mine are just in one simple direction. I don’t much think beyond that though. After all, whether it’s just a mental wiring that has me so focused in one direction, or whether it is perhaps somehow related to other, outside factors, I’m just going to appreciate that I know where my strengths lie, and I can use them to my advantage to make up for those things I’m not nearly as talented in.

I know some people thank the gods for their creativity. For me, I’m not going to do that specifically. I’m grateful that I get inspiration (and that might perhaps be thanks to my gods, who knows), but talent, even if given by the gods, is useless if the individual does not work at it. If I never did anything for writing, I would have stagnated in talent at a young age. I’m still learning and growing as a writer. Hard work comes at the hands of the individual, even if there is some subtle or hidden nudges by the divine, it is useless if the individual does not actively work at developing their gifts.

So this is a bit of a random piece that’s been going through my head for the last few days.



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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

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