My Family is Blessed

I’m not going to post a photo of my uncle’s dog. I don’t want to violate his privacy and I don’t have his permission.

But, my uncle is only alive because his precious fluff-ball Chow Chow woke him up in the middle of the night from his sleep (he had a nasty migraine). There was a dryer vent fire and his smoke detector had not gone off. So if his dog had not been there, it’s very likely my uncle would not be here anymore.

So I’m terribly grateful to my beloved uncle’s dog, who is both adorably cute and fluffy, and is also a wonderful little hero dog for waking my uncle up and saving his life.

I’m just so happy that I didn’t lose my uncle in an apartment fire.

My uncle is safe, and his apartment is (mostly) fine.

But he’s definitely talking to his apartment’s manager about the fact the smoke detector didn’t work. He wants to make sure it’s safe for everyone in the complex.

So I’m just happy, and feeling so glad that my uncle and the wonderful dog are safe.

It really makes me realize what things are important when I learn things like this. So I feel things are better when I know that my family are safe and all in one piece.


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