I’ve been busy, so I’m late again.

I like languages as part of my studying.

See, Slavic mythology is mostly studied in central and eastern Europe. So I need to learn at least 1 Slavic language to facilitate the studying. I’m thinking Czech, but Russian would be more useful to me. So it’s a dilemma, one that I’ll need to figure out eventually.

But languages, those are important.

Studying, and being the academic that I am…language studies are useful to me. For me to study Slavic paganism, I need to learn at least 1, if not more of the languages in the family of peoples that I have my interest in studying.

Right now though, I only speak English and German. German is helpful, there is some scholarship done on Slavic mythology in German. Also, from German kingdoms interacting with central European peoples…there are some historical records in German. It makes things easier for me knowing at least 1 other language, even if it is a bit outside the area of interest that I hold.

I know that languages are important for perception, for scholarship, and for understanding the people that one studies. So I would like to broaden my language repertoire to facilitate my studying. Language has always been important to me, for studying history, and now for studying my spiritual path.