Working Again

I have a new job. 🙂

The company is great. It’s got just over 7.000 employees worldwide. The atmosphere is great, people are friendly and welcoming. They are taking a month to train us, before we ever go out on the floor and help customers (it’s a call-center). Getting 4 weeks of training is great, because it means that we should be well-able to handle almost all situations that come up without too much trouble after all this training.

I really like the atmosphere. It’s warm and welcoming. The office is huge and great. It’s colorful and has places for us to cool down and chill out during our breaks and lunch time. We have little lockers to put our bags in, and coat racks to put winter jackets in during colder months. The bright colors are nice. There are large glass windows that give stunning views of Bellevue (where the office is), and across to downtown Seattle in the distance. I think from some areas we can see Mt. Rainier out the windows.

I’m very excited to have this job. I was hired to be a German-language representative. So I get to help out customers who speak German on a daily basis. However, on a daily basis I will speak English as well, to back up the English speakers as needed. So I’m very happy that I get to use my German-language skills in my new job.

That’s what I’ve been dealing with for the last week, is my first week of training. Before that, I’ve been busy in orientation and getting all set up to start work here. That’s why my posting has been rather scant.


2 thoughts on “Working Again

  1. I’m actually learning German and Japanese right now, and never knew call centers needed those sort of people. I guess, in a wonderful way, I will never actually be out of a job. And I guess this as good a time as any to say I love your blog. There’s so many interesting subjects to read about, and your writing voice is really warm and friendly. Um, I hope that doesn’t sound creepy.


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