Watching “The Craft”

The Craft

So sometimes I realize I’m an awful pagan/witch/whatever.

Unlike most people who come to paganism or witchcraft that are younger (really around my age)…I didn’t come into it by “The Craft” or “Charmed” or any of the other pop-culture pagan phenomenon that are so popular/were so popular. The witchcraft/Wicca media things of the late 90s and early 00s weren’t at all what got me interested.

Case in point–my mom watched “Charmed”. I think I saw maybe 15 episodes total. I don’t have a clue what happens in that show. I don’t even know what goes on there. Personally, I thought the show was terribly stupid. I never understood what was so brilliant about it. It was confusing and made no sense.

Then there’s that movie brilliance of “The Craft”. I never even saw that movie until about 9 months ago. I was 21 when I saw it. Well past the time I got into all the mystical “woo-woo” of paganism and witchcraft. I don’t know why the movie would be inspiring either. All I remember of the one time I watched the movie (while cringing and trying not to laugh at how bad it was), was wondering what the hell anyone got out of it, outside of really bad 90s cliches and fashion choices. It was terrible. And the plot was awful too, as far as I remember. I’m not going to look it up again to refresh myself, but I remember it being atrociously written.

But…then I remember, after seeing so many people from my age group gush about how “the Craft” and “Charmed” influenced them…or how shows/movies like that put them on the path to paganism/witchcraft, that I’m clearly, by that manner a terrible witch and pagan. After all, those had nothing to do with my path. It doesn’t help me relate with others of the “pagan” variety online, even in person, that are around my age, because beyond our practices being so different…then they gush about these types of things. And I just don’t get it. When I say that I became interested in paganism and witchcraft because of mythology and historical records…most people my age think I’m weird. I just don’t bother even trying to connect with people from my own age group anymore. I get along, talking online, with pagans and others that are older. They seem more academic-bent than most people my age.

It’s funny though, when I realize that I’m somehow a “bad” pagan or witch.


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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

5 thoughts on “Watching “The Craft”

  1. Actually I think that shows your maturity. A lot of people who get into paganism and witchcraft from these things are just dabbling and get bored once they find out its not so glamorous. Others go into more depth. I haven’t watched most of those things! Or Buffy or Xena much. The most pop culture-y influences for me were reading fantasy novels with characters worshipping deities- particularly Mists of Avalon. Nothing wrong with that- I learned later that MZB’s depiction of Celtic religion wasn’t especially accurate- but that’s ok- it’s a novel. It doesn’t have to be! It’s just becomes a problem when people base their personal religious off of it too much, or their views of the Aesir from Marvel and so forth.


  2. I’ve never understood the phenomena around things like The Craft or Charmed, either. Neither is really my cup of tea. That’s not to say I haven’t been influenced by certain films to a certain extent, but the movies that got me to start thinking about Paganism were not quite so obvious I guess. (The 1932 version of The Mummy got me thinking about Egypt, but then there’s Blade Runner, which made me think about animism, and the original 1978 version of Halloween, which got me interested in the history of Samhain.)

    I would say that you’re not a “terrible” Pagan simply because you don’t like The Craft. Aside from the fact that it’s just not a particularly remarkable film, your film and television tastes really have nothing to do with it. Seems to me you’re doing a fine job, from what I can see on this fascinating blog of yours. Keep up the good work!


  3. I love researcher pagans like you! While I enjoy many of the pop cultural shows and books on mythology and paganism/witchcraft, I also enjoy serious and deep conversation on the various creation myths of Greece or the emergence of Greco-Egyptian spirituality. It takes all types!


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