C – Cats

So this is majorly late. I’ve just been so busy. (And I had this in my drafts and forgot to publish it)

Siberian Cat
Siberian Cat

I like cats. I’ve always been a “cat-person”. My family jokes that I might become that “crazy cat-lady” when I’m older.

Cats are adorable, independent creatures. I’ve always had an affinity to them. They’re just so interesting and they go off and do whatever they want. I like dogs too, not that I dislike them, but cats are far more my type of creature. They don’t require the constant attention that dogs do. You can let a cat do its own thing for a while and it will be fine. It will go play, sleep, eat or explore as it will, without being all nervous and anxious for you to return. On the other side, the cats I know are also very loyal and loving. So it’s not like they’re totally independent creatures that shun human attention.

I have a cat. I’ve posted about her before. She’s 16 and absolutely adorable. She is very independent and likes to explore and play, but she is also extremely loving with me. I want another cat after I move out on my own. See my cat, Rose, is staying with my mom–she’s most comfortable with mom, when I move out. I like having a cat around. They bring joy and so much fun to my life, as well as love.

But, now onto the pagan portion of this post.

I have an innate feeling that cats are really integral to my beliefs. There’ something freeing about cats. Also, I suppose there is some appeal to the old stories of witches having familiars, and those were often cats. Those kinds of stories always fascinated me quite a bit, especially since I got my kitty when I was 7. I wouldn’t mind being like that. I don’t expect my cat to ever be a familiar, but a companion is a good thing. I like having a nice, furry, meowing companion that cuddles with me but also has its independence to run around.

I don’t really expect a lot of times to have any magical/pagan assistance from my companion kitty. Really, that might be unusual. Cats might serve as familiars to some people–which is really very nice for them. But I suspect that I am more than likely to just have cats as companions. Though, if they’re anything like my current cat, they might enjoy messing with my supplies. Rose likes to bat at rune stones and sit in the middle of the top of my desk/altar. I think it would be fun to have another cat like that. (I suppose I am odd in that I would welcome having a little fur-ball messing with my magical workings, I think I’m used to having a nosy cat around that doesn’t stay out of my things)

Regardless of all that, I know that cats are going to be a big part of my future. I’m going to continue having cats throughout my life. There’s something about having a pet cat that is just wonderful. They’re playful, curious and loving.

My friends also joke that I should have cats, since I’m a witch. I think that’s a fun way to look at it as well. The only thing is–I certainly don’t think I’ll get a black cat next. The cat I want is called a Siberian cat, and they aren’t pure black.

(So this is a rambling, incoherent post for the PBP)


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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

3 thoughts on “C – Cats

  1. I have multiple cats and dogs, and I’ve got to say sometimes I wish my dogs were more like my cats! I have three kitties and I love them all equally, but one – my black cat – is my familiar. Whenever I am outside doing ritual (or anything magickal, really) he makes sure to hang around. I get a definite guarding feeling from him and I have a bond with him I find difficult to put into words.


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