I love photography. I’m not very good at it, I can admit, but I do enjoy it. I had some fun in taking photos while I was in Germany, and I got a few that I’m really quite proud of. I’ve gone and edited them a bit before I want to post them though. If they’re slightly edited, I feel better about posting them online, where others might try to steal the images.

I admit that I’m a bit happy for photos of plants and flowers. They’re my favorite. I think because they don’t tend to move (well, neither do buildings…but that’s another matter). Flowers are also, for all that I’m not typically a girly-girl, very pretty.

I took this photo in the header in May of 2012, on one of our excursions to the ruins in Baden-Württemberg. We had been to Burg Rotteln earlier in the day, but then went to another ruined castle. I don’t remember exactly where this photo was taken, but I know that it was taken in Baden in a really beautiful garden. Ah, I think I remember now, Baden-Baden is where I took this photo. We were doing a wine-tasting after exploring the castle ruins.

Roses are beautiful to take photos of. They are also extremely evocative for quite a few people. I mean…for most people roses mean “love” or “affection”. They are romantic in the extreme. I can fully appreciate flower meanings. But I don’t like roses all that much personally. They smell divine, I am sure of that much. Roses are very pretty and I like how they smell. But realistically I don’t much care for them as flowers. They aren’t the best of flowers for me. I accept that they have deep, evocative meanings, but I don’t really subscribe to those meanings personally.

Still, I love taking photos of those flowers. Roses do make good photography subjects. They have pretty angles and soft petals that can catch light in such unique ways. I have other flowers as well, I can admit, that I photographed, but the roses are my favorite. I think that since red is one of my favorite colors, roses are also better than a lot of other flowers for me to photograph. So many places grow red roses, so it’s easy to find them.

I think I’ll start sharing some of the photos I’ve taken, just to show in some small way how I see the world.