I love people who insist that witches, or pagans…whatever term they want to use, are so much better than other people. That they are so much more mature. I would like to present evidence that witches are absolutely normal people with normal issues.

I live in an apartment. My mom and I split bills. We live on the third floor, which is great. The first floor apartment directly below us has a dog. The dog is constantly left alone, and it barks constantly. For upwards of 30 minutes at a time. I know, logically, that it really isn’t the dog’s fault that it’s being neglected and left alone constantly for hours at a time. It can’t help that it is being locked up for hours on end, with no human contact. So it barks, which I know is just it being lonely and calling out for attention. Still though, I hate this damned dog. It drives me nuts. The constant barking is giving me headaches and generally stressing me out.

Now, I have followed the suggestions of our apartment management. They say file reports with them, call them, when the dog is barking. Which I have done, my mom as well, probably over 100 time in the last six months. Because this damned dog will be barking well past 11pm, and that’s a noise complaint. In any case, the management keeps saying they “can’t do anything”. Because if the owner isn’t home when I call and make the complaint, they “can’t” do anything about the dog barking. Personally, I’ve come to suspect that the apartment is being rented by an apartment employee. It’s the only way to explain the absolute lack of anything that they have done. In any case, they haven’t done anything, and my mom and I have been left dealing with the obnoxious situation for the last 6-7 months.

If I were the stereotypical “morally superior” witch, I would just float along, not caring about this. However, I can fully admit that I’m seriously considering cursing the owner/owners of this damned dog. Because it’s barking again for the 3rd time for an extended time today, and I would love to get the damned dog shut up. I know better than to want to curse a poor dog, because it really isn’t the dog’s fault that it’s owners are assholes. But I really want to curse the owners, because they are terrible people to neglect their pet this way. If you can’t take care of an animal, you shouldn’t have it. So I’m seriously considering cursing the owner/owners in some way that would get them to move…or maybe get them to re-home the dog to someone who actually gives a damn about it.

I’m not superior, not morally. I’m a normal person, even if I am a witch. I just want peace and quiet…which my mother and I are due for paying all our bills on time each month. We have a right to a comfortable existence in our unit, that isn’t constantly broken up by the obnoxious barking of a neighbor’s dog that they’re neglecting. So yes, I’m seriously considering cursing a person because I am tired of the situation.

I’m just as petty as any other person. I can get just as vindictive as another person. I work against that and try to be a better person, sure. But being human means I have the same faults as anyone else, witch or not. This whole situation is just proof of that. I’m extremely done and I’m reacting just like a person who doesn’t identify as a witch would–with exasperation.