Family and Personal Belongings

Stress from family shouldn’t exist like this.

I just found out that my dad and sibling are moving. I had no clue about this. I found out in the worst way possible: a photo post on Tumblr of my sibling. And even better, in the background of this photo post, was one of my possessions.

I should clarify. This photo post was at a garage sale this last Saturday (2 days ago). Which meant that my dad was selling one of my possessions at a garage sale, due to “limited space” for the move, without my permission. So…I had no clue about the move, or the garage sale until over halfway through said sale, by a post on Tumblr by my sibling.

And it was my snowboard in this photo. I had absolutely not given permission to my dad to sell my snowboard. It’s mine, and I love snowboarding. I don’t have another one, so I would never have sold the board. In all fairness, the bindings were shot, I need to buy new ones, as mine are warped from being 6 years old, but I could easily buy new bindings and replace the old ones. The board is also 6 years old, but it was in far better condition.

My dad’s response, on my finally reaching him Saturday night, 6 hours after the garage sale ended? “Oh, well the board is too short for you. Of course I sold it.” Really? It’s my board, my property. And, of a truth, I’ve had an interesting history with snowboards. When I learned to snowboard at 7 I had a board that was, by all definitions, ridiculously long…and from the age of 14 on, my board has always been far too short by normal standards. I’ve been using a board best reserved for someone who does the half-pipe or tricks, not the style or riding I do (I don’t do tricks). But…even though my board was “too short” by normal standards, I’ve been using it for years, and it was the correct length, as I’ve used it at my current height. No matter what, I didn’t give him permission to sell my snowboard, as it is mine.

So now, this year, I have to buy a brand new board and bindings, and hope that the rest of my gear wasn’t sold. My dad says that he didn’t sell anything else of mine, but now I can’t be sure. See, I’m living across the state from him, and I have no clue what else of mine might have been sold on Saturday. So I get to go on a rescue mission to gather all of my possessions from the house and bring them back with me. I can’t really have anything away from me anymore. That means I’ll have boxes of books (some of which are part of my inheritance from my great-grandfather, his collection of 1910’s westerns), snowboarding equipment/gear, mementos, and old gifts from family and friends that I have to retrieve tomorrow afternoon.

The big thing for me is that I’m praying he didn’t sell my snowboarding gear. If my helmet, goggles, and dear gods, if my boots were sold…I’m royally screwed. The boots alone are worth quite a lot. I just got those right before I went to Germany, the winter before, so 3 years ago now. So I really can’t afford for those to have been sold on me. I have quite the collection of winter gear that I’ve amassed for snowboarding, and I really need for all of it to be intact at this point.

This is a stress I don’t need. I’m trying to find a job. And an unplanned trip across the state, mid-week is the absolute last thing that I needed right now. It’s too damned stressful and I really didn’t need my dad to do this to me. I should have been able to trust that he wouldn’t sell my stuff without asking me first. It’s just enough to throw me into a loop of panic and running thoughts of what I need to do and find. So now I’ve got a huge list running through my head of all the things that I need to find that I have back at my old house. It’s just pushing stress all the higher in my head.



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