Maybe that’s just me.

Compared to my experience with the rune stones that I’ve done, it’s far more confusing. I’ve got a book that came with my tarot deck that I’m working on reading. I’m still learning the symbolism and meanings, which is no doubt part of it. And it just seems a bit less intuitive to me than the runes were. I’m having fun, but it’s also frustrating that it doesn’t come nearly as easily.

Tarot might be my backup method for divination for the rest of my life, I think. Unless of course I get better at this whole reading the cards thing. I’m hoping that I can do better with it with more experience and practice. It does seem to work for those who use it, but I’m still struggling to even begin to figure it out.

Still — I dislike having troubles with something.

Though it does remind me that I’m human and I have struggles just like everyone else. I suppose it’s good that I’ve got some issues in learning this. It’s about the first thing I’ve ever struggled in learning, at least in years. I’m not sure why that makes me happy, but it does for some reason. And it gives me a challenge to work on, which is always good.

Though, I think that having a secondary method for divination will eventually be very nice for me.

Just a fun little update here, for my own records.