I am finding a way to actually build an altar for the first time in my whole practicing life. I’ve never really had room, and I’ve always wondered how I would manage to create one. It’s always stopped me, and I’ve never really had an easy solution that seems to fit my needs and space constraints. Not to mention, living with family, I’ve always had to be conscious about following family rules.

I found a solution though.

Silly really, since I’ve owned this thing for years. It was my mom’s old vanity, and now it’s mine. I use it as a desk, and it is absolutely wonderful. The desktop opens to have small compartments, which is a unique little trait that I can utilize. The two columns of side-drawers are perfect for storing small tools and supplies. One of the drawers is a false-one, with a larger compartment, so I could store larger tools in it should I need to. The other  side of drawers is actually a column of three, shorter, so I can store anything, say writing tools there, for my actual work. Because no matter what, this is going to be a multi-purpose object, just like much of the things in my room.

I need to take photos of it, but it isn’t in my apartment yet. So once I have it here again, I’ll take some photos. I’m just a bit shocked that it took me this long to realize that it would work perfectly as an altar. I really like how it looks too, which makes it perfect. The only thing that is not ideal is the upholstery on the vanity bench, which is a pretty bad floral pattern, but I can get that changed later on. For now, it works perfectly.

Since I have to use this as my desk as well, the altar will have to be dismantled and stored in my vanity when it isn’t in use, but I do that when I’m not using it as a desk as well. So it isn’t too unusual for me to do this. It will work out pretty well with just a bit of planning and organization on my part.

This means I’ll actually have a place to do work now, at least, a concentrated place. That might help motivate me to do even more work, as I’ve noted that I do better at working when I’ve got dedicated space or organization for my tools.

I’ll have pictures to follow.