Is it just the Shiny?

Something I have to ask myself at times…

I want to learn to scry in mirrors. I’ve always been kind of interested. I saw an image when I was younger, online, of a black mirror, and thought it would be endlessly fascinating to try scrying in that manner. I’ve never tried it, because I would want to make the scrying mirror myself. It’s something that I actually could make myself (I’m not very crafty, so the very few tools that I could make, I want to make for myself), so I would want to make my own before I attempted it.

Thus, I’ve never made one — because I’m terrible at procrastinating. I’ll eventually get around to doing it, because I know I can find one in the size I want to make it in, which is fairly small. Definitely not as large as the image I’ve shown above, and I’m thinking a circle, because I don’t really like rectangles; maybe an oval, as a compromise. But I’ll have to do a bit of looking to find the right size, once I actually get into the right mood to make one.

I suppose also, I need to not try learning tarot and mirror-scrying at the same time. I don’t really feel like confusing myself.

Then there’s my essential question: Is it just the shiny?

I really like shiny things. It’s why I wear silver jewelry, why my emerald ring that I inherited from my grandma is the only thing I continuously wear. I’m drawn to things that glitter and shine. I really like those things that have a pretty sheen to them. I know part of the reason I was drawn to my tarot deck was because of the gold accents in the cards. That wasn’t the only reason, by any means, but it was part of it. My second set of rune stones are tiger’s eye, so they have a bit of glitter to them as well.

So I have to wonder. Is my interest in learning how to scry with a mirror real, or does it come solely from the fact that it is going to be shiny? I’m sure that I have some real interest, I’ve always been interested in divination forms…but I’m also realistic in that I know a small part comes from my interest in all things that are shiny. I don’t think that’s necessarily bad. I learn a lot of new things from minor points that draw my attention, after all.


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