Role-Playing as Deity

So I found a strange problem that I never thought I’d have.

Since I’m not a follower of one of the popular pantheons (i.e. Norse, Greek, any of the Celtic denominations, etc), I was not expecting this in the slightest. Because I’ve run into people role-playing online as Zeus, or Hera, or Thor, Sif, Loki, Brigid, Lugh, the Morrighan, or any other number of gods or goddesses from these pantheons before. It’s not really shocking to me, after a fact, since I see all the fan-art and crazy pieces of artwork that people make about the lot of them. I mean…I’ve seen the Morrighan drawn as a cute, fluffy cat-girl once before, so that tells you how far out of context and character some of these things can get.

But, since I’m on a path following Slavic deities I have a double-edged sword of sorts. Less information to find in English and German, which is a curse at times (but also good because there is far less artwork and fluffy stuff out there that makes me wince). It is difficult at times when I have trouble finding reliable information that is not later-days made-up crap about the deities, folklore and mythology, but that is part of the fun of the challenge for me at times. The other edge of the sword is good though — less people mucking around, making stuff up, making inaccurate, woefully weird portrayals of my gods and goddesses.

So what does this all have to do with my title?

Someone is on Tumblr (I really shouldn’t go into tags on Tumblr, ever), role-playing as Veles, one of the Slavic gods. And, I did some digging on their page — they pretty much go off historically inaccurate mythology and hackney it into what looks like about 3 different TV shows (I don’t know? I don’t watch that much modern television, so I’m not sure what all the acronyms are for, they look like TV series). It’s mortifying and trainwreck-esque and I really should never go into Tumblr tags, ever, ever, ever. I like going into the Veles one on occasion to see if there is any new art there that I haven’t seen (the city of Veles, in Macedonia crops up often, that doesn’t bother me), but this role-player takes up the whole tag, which drives me crazy.

I seriously don’t know whether to laugh about it or not. I mean…her role-play thing has dragon-people, and I think some TV show that’s called “Supernaturals” or something like that. I don’t know anything about that, but I think they kill monsters or demons. So I’m not so sure how that works with her role-playing with Veles, which is kind of hard to deal with, since one of Veles’ aspects is as a god of magic and the Underworld, which kind of would go against that show’s protagonists’ missions, I would think (unless I misunderstood the show, which is terribly likely, since I know nothing about it). Not that Veles has anything to do with demons or monsters. Just that in modern, western perception, the underworld is almost always intrinsically linked with those creatures, so I find it rather ironic.

It’s just a little strange for me to see this. I never thought I’d have a similar concern/issue as my more mainstream pagan friends. It’s kind of fun to have a similar annoyance as they do, even when I’m in a far less traveled path here in the United States.∗



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2 thoughts on “Role-Playing as Deity

  1. Yikes. That would get under my skin, too. Come to think of it, it DOES get under my skin when I see folks playing characters that either are, or are followers of any of the deities with which I have any kind of relationship. “hurr, I be a priestess of Aphrodite so I can screw whoever I want whenever I Want heeheehee…” yeah pretty much that.

    Supernatural is actually an entertaining show from what I’ve seen. I don’t have a TV (by choice) so I’ve missed a lot of it. Yes, they hunt down and destroy demons but they are functioning primarily within a Christian-esque context. I’m not sure where other deities would even fit in.


    1. I have a TV, but I almost never watch it. I actually had to laugh actually, after my shock wore off.

      I just really didn’t know what to think at first. It’s just…beyond ridiculous for me. The RP is just so terribly historically/mythological inaccurate that it makes me wince. That’s what bothers me most I think – the terrible inaccuracies.


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