I just got my graduation gift yesterday. Well, I bought it on the 10th (two days ago)…but I picked it up yesterday. I bought a new laptop. I’ve never had a new computer. My family usually always bought refurbed computers. I don’t mind that – they’ve always been wiped clean, and they work well. But I’ve always wanted to have a new computer. I’ve never had a brand new one to call my own. So for once, I decided to buy a new computer. I have the chance to do that for graduation, so I did that for once. It’s strange though, because I’ve been so used to having old operating systems (XP, years after it debuted, I had 98 for years past when XP came out), extremely old computers (my last laptop was 9 years old, the one before it is almost 16 years old now and I still have it in storage). So I’ve never had a new one before, with new operating system and software on it.

And here I have a pretty new computer, thanks to my family for my college graduation. But it has Windows 8 on it. And that’s a huge change. I hate Windows 8…it’s confusing and awkward and it doesn’t work at all like I’m used to. Change, major ones at least, seriously freak me out and cause problems. So it’s making me nervous on using my new computer. That new system seriously freaks me out. It concerns me far too much. I don’t like new systems that are completely out of the ordinary – which is what Windows 8 is for me at this point. It reacts almost more like a Mac system than Microsoft, which annoys me to no end. And the whole start menu drives me crazy. I just cannot stand it. I don’t like the whole way it is laid out.

I’m going to have to get used to it though. After all, Microsoft is going to base their new systems off of Windows 8. So I might as well adapt to this one. It is not ideal, but I’ll adapt eventually. I hate adapting to things that I’m no fan off. Windows 8 and its whole new style is a bit annoying at the moment. I’m just a bit antsy at how it is being created, and the whole system that 8 is written out with.

I’m just worried about adapting to this new system that I’m not familiar with. I miss the old Microsoft Windows system that I know how to use and can run off my keyboard shortcuts without hassle.


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