Sleeping Cats and a Job

My sleeping cat is teaching me something.

Meditation and calmness. I can learn to just take some deep breaths and relax a bit. Just calm down and have a bit of a lighter attitude about everything. I’m going to try and work on meditation again, and I think perhaps picturing a peacefully sleeping cat is a good image to work on. Meditation is something I’m not good at. The whole, emptying my mind part is the awful part. And just calming down my thoughts is also hard. It all is just a huge problem for me. But, if I can try again with something solid to focus myself on to clear my mind and settle myself all down to focus and relax…perhaps meditation might be useful again.

Beyond that though – I have another good thing to look forward to.

I got a job. I’m officially employed with a paycheck as of Monday, June 3rd. I’m excited to be working. It’s not the ideal job, but if I can be employed for 6 months, or 1 year…that helps me get more experience and to find better paying work in a field more amenable towards what I want to do long-term in the future. After all, I want to get into work where I’m working where I can use my German-speaking skills and perhaps eventually have either the opportunity to travel, or have saved enough money and time to travel abroad.

So I’m thinking starting meditation will help manage the stress of a new job for me.


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