Graduation – 100th Post

So this is my 100th post on Witch’s Journey.

I had to think about what would be somewhat significant to use as a topic for this post. Finally it kind of just lambasted me. After all, this Sunday is my graduation ceremony from my university. There’s not much more significant at this moment that I could write about for a milestone for my blog. I’m officially done with my four years of undergraduate studies. I have 2 B.A.s, with cum laude honors in History and German to show for all my hard work, after having turned in my last thesis last night for my history capstone class. I’m a member of Phi Alpha Theta, a national history society as well, with the chapter opening at my university just this year.

I got to spend a year abroad in Germany, my “Junior” year of school, and I did 3/4 of my work for my history degree in Germany while taking classes and writing all my work in German. That’s a major accomplishment in and of itself. So I did quite a bit of my History degree in a foreign language. I’m rather proud of that myself. But even if I hadn’t done it that way, 2 degrees simultaneously in 4 years is quite the accomplishment.

Within my family, I’m the first person to go to college. I’ll also be, because of that, the first to graduate. So this is a huge deal for my family. I’m excited as well, but I’m more nervous than anything. My family is having a huge “graduation party” tomorrow afternoon for me, and I’m none too keen on all the attention that I’m going to receive. But, given that it is such a huge event in my family, I’m willing to deal with it. I can handle the attention for an afternoon after all, if it means that I’ll get to enjoy some quiet on Sunday evening after the graduation ceremony is over. Which is what the trade-off is for me. Of course, downside – the ceremony is, from what one of my friends said – 4+ hours long. That is going to be awful to deal with, of course. But I’ll suffer through it, because I’m the first to ever get to have the honor of having to suffer through it in my family.

So it’s a huge change in my life. I’m officially done with school. Or at least, until/unless I go back to grad school. (Until, since I plan on going back.) So at least for a few years, I’ll have no more dissertations pushing at deadlines. That is going to be a new change. I’ll have to get used to the “real world” and a true job schedule. It’s a huge time for changes for me.

And it all starts after graduation on Sunday.


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