A New Book and Graduation

On bipolar disorder. My shrink-lady recommended it to me 3 weeks ago. So I bought it. It looks interesting enough. I’ll write a review about it once I’ve gotten a chance to read some of it. I won’t get to read it until Monday at the earliest. I’m having to move out of my college dorm-apartment and into my own apartment this next week, so I’ll take some down time to read during this week. But books are great and make me happy when I get chances to read. I’m interested to see what the book has to say. If she recommended it, I’m sure it is bound to be good.

In the meantime, tomorrow is my party celebrating my graduation from university. Sunday is the ceremony for graduation. So this weekend I won’t be on at all. Too busy really. It’s going to be hectic and far too much work for me to actually have any time to blog after tonight. Tomorrow though is the stressful day, too many people running around. All the family, friends, and just having to play hostess to 30+ people (potentially up to 50 or so). And I’m responsible to make sure that things are clean and running well. Most of my friends from high school can’t come, and some of my closest friends are across the country, so that’s a bit disappointing. Oh well. At least my uni friends from my home uni are coming, as well as the whole mass of my family will be present as well. Joys.

I’m the first in my family to graduate from college. I’m the first to even go to college, in all honesty. So it’s a huge deal that I’m graduating. I’ll have 2 B.A.s: History and German, I graduate cum laude, and I’m a member of Phi Alpha Theta, a history society that spans nation-wide. All of which is impressive on multiple levels. But because I’m the first in my whole family to graduate, I have this massive event to handle. Which is great, because my whole family will be there (usually our family gets together for 2 types of events: weddings and funerals, so a graduation is a happy change), but also nerve-wracking for me, because I have to deal with the anxiety that all these people cause by being around. It’s not that I’m not happy to see them, I am.

So this weekend is good, happy really. But it’s also extremely stressful for me. I’ll be blogging again starting on Monday or Tuesday (depending on when I get some freedom to put up a new post. I’ll maybe even have some updates on the horrors (and interesting fun facts) of my party and the gods-awful long ceremony that is graduation on Sunday. One of my friends went last year and said that it’s 4+ hours long. I might cry.


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