I wish I could garden. Or really, grow plants at all without them dying on me. But, I have a singular ability to kill every plant that I attempt to cultivate. I think that it would be relaxing to have a tiny little garden on my porch in my apartment. Nothing fancy, just a few flowers perhaps. And I do like pretty flowers, a few types are my favorites. The problem for me is that I just really am bad at growing things. They don’t like to stay alive (read: I’m very bad at the gardening talent).

So it’s something I’d love to do, but I just don’t seem to have any talent for. Lots of people in my family are good at it, but I’ve no talent at all. Which somehow also doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I’m good at academics, book-types of things. Practical things though, and I tend to be a bit lower on the talent-scale. However, I think, once I’m settled into my apartment, perhaps after the summer passes, I’ll start preparing this winter to research on gardening.

Maybe next spring I can start up a tiny little garden for myself. Just a few little plants for myself. It would be a nice way to entertain myself. And it would be relaxing. And gardening isn’t perfect. It can’t be. So perhaps it will help me to calm down my OCD at times. After all, flowers are pretty, they are nice in imperfection. So that might help me handle my OCD, to accept things as being just fine, even if they aren’t perfect.

I think, since I have limited space, I’ll have to use planters, which was going to be problematic. But, I’ve learned that it will be possible to grow flowers, and a few herbs in them. So it won’t be totally impossible to do this. I just can’t have very many here. And, there are those planters that are able to be hung over the porch railing, up off the floor. The only concern I need to work out is the fact that there is a lot of rain in western Washington and there are times without a lot of sun. But I think I can make this work.


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