Family Clan

One would think that my sister would know more about this than I do. After all, she’s the one who does the Highland Dance, plays bass drum in the Pipe Band…and hangs out with the bagpipers at all times. Sure, my high school was the Highlanders (pretty awesome, of course), but I wasn’t involved in any of the ultra-Scottish heritage activities. I just never had any time for them, not after all the band activities that I was already in.

Our family is Irish, but within the Irish family line, someone along the line had come from Scotland, probably moving to Ireland and marrying into an Irish family. Because we know which Scottish clan we come from. If I didn’t know this little fact, I would have no clue whatsoever about any of these little facts. So I have to here thank a cousin somewhat removed from me for doing the family research into the family history to find that little tidbit out for us.

Our family’s Scottish tartan is from the Bruce clan. So somewhere back along the line, our family came from that clan, before moving to Ireland. That was pretty interesting to learn, since it’s a unique little thing to learn about our family. And it is a pretty cool tartan. I actually like the family tartan in the ancient tartan form, it’s pretty to look at.

My sister went to Scotland in 2011, competed in the Highland Games, and wanted to bring back some of the family tartan to sew with. But, she had no clue which clan it was before she was going to be going off to Scotland. As to that – how I’m the one who knows all this (and I’m the one who knows far more about our Eastern European heritage and family) is beyond me. But I had to be the one to tell her. Of course, my sister doesn’t like the Bruce clan tartan much, and to be fair, the modern one is a bit too bright for my taste. The orange is more bright, not an orange-brown like the “ancient” pattern is. So she wasn’t terribly thrilled. Instead of our tartan, she brought back some other one.

It’s not a huge deal, but I like knowing where our family comes from. And knowing which clan our family originated from is something nice to know. It’s one part of the complicated history of our family.


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