Something that I don’t normally put much stock in, in all honesty. After all, I don’t really know which meanings are accurate, and which ones aren’t. Not to mention, the whole language doesn’t quite work for me anymore. Plus, all the websites that tell you what a flower supposedly symbolizes – well they all say flowers mean different things. Which just gets terribly frustrating for me.

When you aren’t looking for meanings of daisies, roses, tulips and daffodils, it’s even more difficult to find information as well, I might add.

For example:

Amaryllis Belladonna

Amaryllis Belladonna

This is the Amaryllis flower. Which is my absolute favorite flower. I’ve loved it for quite some time, though it’s taken me quite a few years to figure out the name of it. They’re sometimes called “march lilies” in South Africa, and another pair of common names are “naked lilies” or “naked ladies”.

I’ve always wanted to try and grow amaryllis, but unfortunately I have an atrocious luck with growing flowers or plants. I happen to kill pretty much everything I try to grow. So I’m afraid to even attempt to grow one in a pot, which it seems that it would be possible to attempt. I think for now I’ll refrain from attempting to grow them, and perhaps start with something I would be less attached to, if it were to die.

But, as for flower meanings, amaryllis can stand for:

  • Pride
  • Worth beyond beauty
  • Drama
  • Pastoral poetry

So pretty much – it has multiple meanings. Which is fine, but not really helpful.

I’m thinking though, I like the second one, “worth beyond beauty” best of all. Though, to be honest, “pride” would also describe me rather well on another front. I just figure, I don’t really like flower meanings, or flower language, so I don’t use it. I prefer to just like the few flowers that I like, and enjoy them for how pretty that they are.