Spell for Finding

…A husband/boyfriend/love. Which seems to be a pretty popular topic on Tumblr. And something I do not get in the slightest.

I mean, the wording on the spells is what bothers me. Or rather, since most of these people don’t post the actual spell, but just say what they want from the spell, and their intent, that’s what scares and freaks me out. Because most of these people have a pretty frightening idea of their intent for what they want to do. Regardless of spell wording specifically, if they choose not to share the exact word-choice for their spell, there is the problem of their intent for the spell that they are going to write and perform. And most of these people seem to not realize that their intent has a major problem for it.

The intent for most of these spells seems to be pretty direct.

It’s always, “I want person X to fall in love with me.” Or, “I want person X to marry me.”

That isn’t exactly comforting. I mean…think about the choice of language there. Directing the spell at a specific person is problematic, in all honesty. At least, from my perspective it is. Because once you say, “I want specific individual to have specific feelings for me”, you take away all their individual choice in the matter. It is no longer their mind and heart that get to choose how they feel about you as a person, but your spell that has them feeling a certain way.

So, say I cast a spell, asking that my friend V falls in love with me, and he does. Awesome for me, right? Actually, no. Not really a good idea at all, if you think about it. I mean, V falling in love with me might have been a timing coincidence. But if I’m performing a spell, I had damned well better believe in it, right? So, I believe it worked. Well then, how do I ever know, ever be sure that V isn’t just in love with me because I cast a spell for V to fall in love with me? The truth is, I never can be certain that the spell wasn’t a part of it. I would always have to wonder. And, if I ever told V what I had done, I risk losing him. Who wouldn’t feel betrayed to know that their feelings might have been manipulated so directly?

Now, asking for love to come my way, that is to me, very different.

If I ask for a love that is correct for both parties involved, then I feel more confident asking for that. However, I still think there are too many variables. It is still problematic. I mean…there are potentially dependents involved more than just the 2 people who are going to fall in love. What if I have a pet (I always will, I know this), and the other person is extremely allergic to cats? There is a third party that is incompatible. That is a problem. Minor to some, perhaps to this potential partner’s views, but major to mine, because I will not live without a pet cat in my life, that is just a given for me.

And in general, I just find that casting spells for love, for husbands or boyfriends or significant others to be too much. There are too many variables that can go wrong. There are too many ways to step on toes and cause problems. Not to mention, there are too many land-mines per say with the word-choices and wordings that can blow up in one’s face with how a spell must be cast. I suspect that I may be overly cautious here. But I would rather be far too cautious than have something blow up in my face for mistakenly casting a spell that I cannot control or did not mean to cast by accidental language choice.

I just have never understood why so many people on Tumblr are so obsessed with wanting to learn these spells. Or why so many cast them, and then wait anxiously for results. I mean, I have no mundane luck with finding dates, and I doubt that any supernatural or spiritual push will help me. But, I certainly do not want to accidentally screw up mundane chances with spiritual workings. And yet, so many people on Tumblr seem intent on pushing through with these types of spells like it is child’s play and there are no consequences.



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