I’ve always wondered about whether house spirits are something I should work with. When I was younger, living in an old Victorian house, I would have. It would have made sense then. We had a bit of property with the house, and it would have made sense to offer something to the spirits of the house. But, moving into a newer house, I never was quite sure how that worked out. I’ve still yet to reconcile how I feel about houses say in a new development. Perhaps I would have to invite a house spirit in. That might be something to consider, an event I’m not sure about as of yet.

Now though, I’m living in an apartment (well, will be living in after graduation). I don’t know about house spirits in apartments. I don’t know about experience in that type of situation. Do house spirits work in apartments? That’s something that I don’t know about. I mean…I can see how it might work, but then again, I’m not completely sure. There are situations where I could see having the support and also help of house spirits as being a good thing. But then, working with them, I know that times they can be very temperamental sorts. So I’m not sure that I want to open that kind of relationship, or invite them into my house, without being very certain of the sorts that I’ll be having into my house.

And, since my mom isn’t really a fan of these sorts of things…I need to be a bit careful. I mean, she just thinks that it isn’t really real. She respects my beliefs in paganism, but she’s just not a believer at all. It has to be careful then for me, that I don’t cause a problem for her while I’m doing anything in our apartment.

So house spirits are a bit of an interesting thing for me. I’m still trying to work out the logistics of whether I should deal with them, considering my roommate/mother is not involved with anything to do with witchcraft or paganism. I do want to respect her wishes and boundaries, but I am interested in seeing if house spirits are useful for my practice.