Rose II

I took my kitty to the vet this morning. She got a lump on her side at the end of December, and I’ve been kind of watching it since (mom too, to be honest). So we finally found a cat hospital in the area, so we took her this afternoon. She hates the vet, majorly. As soon as I went to put her in her carrier, she spazzed out and started snarling at me. I felt awful. But, I got her there, and then met with mom.

Vet gave us good news, which was a huge relief.

The lump on her side might be a tumor. We have to keep an eye on it. If it keeps growing in size over the next 6 months, we have to take her back in. Or if she chews at it, scratches at it, or otherwise shows signs of distress. But, as long as she seems fine, the vet said it is most likely a cosmetic cyst that they won’t mess with, as it is very small, and it isn’t worth the problems to go in and try to remove it. Medically, unless it’s causing Rose trouble, it is actually safer, if it is benign, to leave it alone.

Other good news – she hasn’t lost any weight, which is something to look out for with other cats her age. She’s still just over 6 lbs, and feisty. No change in moods or behaviors, which is great for her age too. But best news, her teeth. Himalayan cats, or cats with Himalayan blood like my fur-baby, usually have bad teeth over the age of 10. Himalayan cats teeth tend to be really bad the older they get, don’t know why, but the vet said so. So he was surprised at the fact she has all of hers, and they’re in pretty much perfect shape, considering we don’t take her to the groomer constantly. But, she’s got perfect little fangs, my little kitty.

All of this means, I get vet-approved permission to spoil my little baby now. He said that since Rose isn’t a “young” cat anymore, we can go ahead and give her canned food more often. At the moment we give her a specific brand, 1 flavor (my cat is a picky little brat, she only likes this 1 type, 1 brand. She hates all other types of canned food, even all the seafood types but this one salmon & whitefish type that we buy) as a special treat, if she’s well behaved. Or rather, that’s what my mom does. I kind of give it to her randomly, whenever I feel like it. So, I gave her a cup of it today after the vet, because we always give her a “special treat” after taking her there or the groomer — she hates both. But, since the vet said we can feed her canned food more often, I get to officially spoil her now. 🙂 — Mom is not so delighted with this prospect I think, because I’m the one who is going to spoil the cat delightedly, because I’m not living in the apartment full-time yet. But…she totally gets to deal with it, because she loves the kitty as much as I do, and she’ll go along with it and spoil Rose too.

Now that I’m not worrying that my baby kitty is sick and going to die from some unknown lump anymore, I’m feeling much better. I’m calmer again and not freaking out. It does feel better to be calm, to know that my little fur-baby is safe and sound. Now, she’ll be around to play with me, curl up in my lap and purr for quite a long time. The family joke is that she’ll live to 30 to spite my mom (which should give us 15 more years of delightful kitty company)!


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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

3 thoughts on “Rose II

  1. My gf, who is good with herbs and has 5 cats has one that developed cysts like that. She made up a salve of olive oil, plantain and comfrey ground up. It worked on her cat’s cysts, and on my cat’s scabs they got somehow this winter, and is good on humans for any skin inflammation and cyst.


    1. Hmm…I think I can’t do anything salve-like with my little girl. Her fur is so long…and we can’t shave her. She doesn’t like being groomed. But for now, we’re to just watch and keep an eye on it, before trying anything new on it.

      She’s acting like normal, which is an excellent sign. She’s playful and feisty like usual, so the vet said that she may be fine. Seems cysts like this aren’t terribly uncommon in older Himalayan cats.

      I’ll keep it in mind though, after we see how this time goes, once the vet tells us how she’s doing over the next few months. Thank you.


      1. One of my cats is long haired too, and neither of them like to be groomed. So i just have the salve by me on the sofa and when they come up and settle down to cuddle i sneak it onto them while petting them. At this point they will also lick the salve, which is also good taken internally. It seems to work on them and on me. The only side affect for me though is that my ears are getting pointier and i am growing a tail. Meow. LOL.


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