This is my baby.

Rose is a Himalayan-Manx. So she’s got the no-tail feature of the Manx breed, but the features of the Himalayan. Her fur is three inches long and very silky. She’s so soft and silky, it’s absolutely unbelievable. This photo doesn’t really do her any justice to just how gorgeous she is. She has the markings of a Siamese though (the Himalayan is a Siamese-Persian cross). So she’s a Blue Point, technically. She’s not quite so sharply featured as a pure-bred Siamese would be, but she also doesn’t have the smushed in face of a Persian — much to my sister’s disappointment and my delight. She’s got gorgeous blue eyes though. They’re a stunning sapphire color that can look lighter at times, or darker.

My baby is also very tiny. She’s only 6 pounds. Which is hilarious if I could find a photo to show how big she is in comparison to another, more “normal”-sized cat (i.e. 10-12ish lbs). Her fur though, which she has an impressive ability to fluff out to great defensive capability, makes her look like a 20-pound cat when she’s upset or angry. The vet says she’s healthy though, and not in any danger. So she’s a tiny little 6-lb fluff-ball of a cat.

Rose 3
Rose – June 2009

She always comes and greets me at the door. And if I don’t put my stuff down and immediately pick her up on getting home, she’ll headbutt me in the shin until I pick her up and give her attention. And when I’m at home, she sleeps in bed with me, curled up at my side, purring and with her nose burrowed into my neck. She’s absolutely the most affectionate cat I know, and just so cute and loving.

She’s my baby, that I adore. She sleeps in my lap when I read, and just generally makes my life more pleasant.


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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

One thought on “Rose

  1. What a beautiful little girl! I’m with you on being glad she doesn’t have the squished face of the Persian breed. That never did appeal to me. My Eve, a solid black American Shorthair, also curls up in my lap and sleeps when I read. She usually sleeps in the bed with me too, curled up on my knees which I tend to keep elevated.


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