I almost forgot all about this.

Officially I registered this blog 1 January 2012. But…since I didn’t post anything until March, that’s what I’m counting as my “anniversary” for the blog (because I feel like it). It’s technically the 2nd of March, for this. But since my first substantial post was this one, I’m going to go ahead and celebrate today, instead. It’s been a year, which is a pretty good accomplishment. I usually up and bail on tasks pretty quickly. So making a year is a pretty good initial thing for me. So I’m really grateful for those of you who follow me and my sometimes off-topic ramblings…or even the barely tenuously connected stuff that I fit together here. I’m glad that anyone has found my journey to be of use in reading (or perhaps just of use to laugh at me flailing around, I’m fine with that too).

Still, I’m going to keep blogging and sharing my flailing about. And I hope that you stick around and still find my posts of some interest, amusement or use. Thank you for sticking around and reading!