Visiting a Local Shop

….Or why I hate sage.

I went to a local “new age” store. I’m sure they’d call it a pagan store. But, the vibe was “new agey”, definitely new age. I mean, lots of yoga stuff, Hindu statuary and Buddha statues, Indigo child stuff, etc etc. But…it’s the only store anywhere close to me (that I’ve found yet, in my online searches) that sells stuff, so I decided to check it out. After all, I might as well see if the shop was any good, right?

Well, fine and dandy. Besides the immediate sense of, “wow, I’m clearly way out of my element here”, and “this is bizarrely too happy and airy for me”, it was a nice-sized store. I don’t really mean I want to go to a store with a vibe of death and darkness. Just, this particular store’s vibe was not the most pleasing to me. Not terribly uncomfortable, but also not the most welcoming to me either. Just, the teeniest bit uncomfortable to me personally. And they seemed to have a pretty good selection of herbs. So that’s definitely good news for the future. I just need to learn more about herbs before I start working with them. But, at least I know I can go there for herbs in the future. (Sorry, I kept saying “herbs” a lot there)

Plus, this store has been around for 8+ years, so I know that it’s going to keep around (most likely) for a while longer. That’s some good news too. At least it should last as a business. Their old store building was smaller, and I liked its vibe better, but this new building is bigger, so I know why they moved.

As I’m browsing, looking at the gemstones, books, statues, and fairy artwork, one of the staff came walking by with a bundle of herbs. I didn’t quite realize what it was at first, until she warned me that she was “cleansing” the shop, and she didn’t want to (and I quote) “smoke me out”. Which actually, in hindsight is pretty hilarious that they decided to cleanse the store literally 5 minutes after I walked in. And I was the only customer in the store too. I know it was just coincidence, but it is pretty giggle-inducing. Well, once she warned me, and the scent hit me, I realized she was cleansing with a bundle of sage. I don’t know what type of sage she was using, and quite frankly, I didn’t care to ask.

The stuff reeks. I’d never smelled sage before in my life. See, I’d heard that it was strong, and I just never use really strongly scented things, because they trigger an almost allergic-like reaction in me (I react badly to perfumes too). So I am very cautious with scented things. I can’t use regular incense most of the time, unless I’m very careful to pick incense that is more mild in terms of strength of smell. All in all, I have to be careful with scents around my person. So, I’d never smelled sage before. But….pungent, acrid aroma, and “cleansing” the store. It was most definitely sage. I definitely understand why I was told that people either like the smell of sage or they loathe it. I seriously loathe the smell of that stuff. It was making my eyes water, and I started coughing. Best part, the woman never got closer than 10 feet away from me.

I now have a valuable lesson learned – I am physically incapable of possessing sage to burn it. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t. So sage is officially out for all practice of mine. The smell is just too much for my body to handle without reacting. But, at least I got to learn that for free, without buying any of the stuff.āˆ—


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