I just want to apologize to anyone who happened to be trying to look at my blog in the last 2.5 hours. My internet has been sketchy, so it took me far longer than normal to update my theme and how I have it all set up. So if you kept seeing things change, it was because I decided to try a new theme and update a bit. It is going to be staying like this now for quite a while.

Though…if I find a background image that I like, I will probably decide to upload that. But, the overall structure and layout is remaining the same, no matter what. It should be easy to navigate. And I updated a few links that had died. 🙂

I just thought it would be nice to apologize for bothering everyone with the constant changing over the last few hours. I promise it should settle down now.

(Ah, and a note. If this photo is too problematic, I mean, if the text isn’t legible with this photo, please tell me. I can read it, but my eyes are a bit unusual. I have another photo I made that I can use, or I have a darker version of this photo as well, either of which are options if this is not legible to normal readers 🙂 I just want to make sure that you can still read my blog.)