Wintertime and Sickness

So a huge part of why I wasn’t posting during November and December (outside of the school that I explained), was that I was pretty sick the last 2 months. Not in a severely sick, needing to go to the hospital manner. More in the manner of, stressed out, so my immune system was compromised and so I caught every cold-bug that came around and just couldn’t get better, no matter what usual tricks I tried to heal myself. So I spent a good two months going through bouts of colds that would go away to be promptly replaced by the next one sweeping through my college. I’ve never actually gotten sick quite like that before, so I wasn’t quite prepared to deal with anything like that. But, I’ve also never “lived with” people before either, so I suspect that was a huge part of why I couldn’t handle all the stuff going around. I’m not used to living around people outside my close family, so I think I don’t have much in the way of being used to handling other people’s really bad immune systems. And going through a massive degree-class and final paper/project that added on a ton of stress no doubt just made the situation worse for me.

But now, I’ve finished 1 of my 2 degrees, so that’s out of the way and major stress for that is gone. And I’m healthier now. I’ve gotten over all the little bugs, and I’ve found out, at the tail-end of all the sicknesses, a way to help deal with them. It’s actually rather stupidly simple a method, and I should have realized it, since it’s how I coped in high school. But, I suppose hindsight is 20/20 after all, so that’s why I see it now, rather than during the semester when the knowledge would have been brilliantly useful for me.

So I realized, during high school I would deal with sickness by drinking special tea. Nothing like “granny’s recipe” or anything like that. It’s just, I always had a type of tea that I saved for when I was feeling sick. I usually drink Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe or Jasmine Green tea, just being the most common ones I drink (I have minimum 7 types in my pantry at any given time, but those are the 3 I drink most often). But, I usually save just plain green tea and lemon for when I’m sick. It’s really ridiculously simple, but without fail it helps me feel better. And I suppose the greatest joke of the whole thing is that it’s the cheapest, store-brand tea I own that I use when I’m sick, and my expensive teas are the ones I drink on a daily basis when I’m feeling fine. But, it’s always worked for me. I get better far faster when I drink my green-and-lemon tea than if I do medicine.

Obviously, if I’m seriously in need of medication I take it like the doctor orders, but I don’t take ibuprofen or anything like that normally, because it doesn’t work for me. And cold medicine is useless for me, so I just don’t take any of it. I found that tea works better, and I actually enjoy taking it, which is a bonus I absolutely can get behind. So it’s a fun remedy for me, that ends up being cheaper for me in the long run, because I don’t end up having to throw out past-due-date medication that’s no good. Tea I can drink whenever, if it’s going to end up bad before I might get sick again.

Now that I’m healthier again, I’m going to actually work with this whole idea. Because that way I (hopefully) won’t get sick during J-Term. I want to stay healthy for the rest of the year. Or at least, healthier than I was this first semester of school. I’m always doing better in school if I don’t have my health to worry about. So now that I have my nice tea remedy to go on for minor little cold-bugs, I’m keeping it at the forefront of my mind for future reference.


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