„Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen
Sitz’ ich bei’m Schwager vorn.
Vorwärts die Rosse jagen,
Lustig schmettert das Horn.
Felder und Wiesen und Auen,
Wogendes Aehrengold. –
Möchte wohl gerne noch schauen
Aber der Wagen rollt.“

Text from Wikipedia

So I don’t normally post in German, since I know most people don’t read German. The text isn’t so important, unless people can read it (which I do suggest, because it’s also nice). I put it there, just the first verse, though the rest can be found by following the link to the German Wikipedia page for the article. The song is a Volkslied (folk song) in Germany, something I first heard in Baden-Würrtemberg this Spring. It’s a catchy tune though, even if you can’t understand German.

I just particularly love this song. It’s great and puts a smile on my face. It never fails to remind me of Freiburg.*