Pagan Blog Prompt: Bare Feet

Pagan Blog Prompts: Bare Feet

How do you feel about going barefoot?
Do you? When, how? Where? And of course, why?

Ooh, fun things. And a photo from Washington state, which I love.

But, on topic now, of course.

I hate shoes. I always have. I go barefoot whenever I possibly can. I usually run all summer and most of fall without shoes, until it gets too cold. Or if there’s construction I wear shoes, but that’s a safety concern. I love not having shoes constricting my feet in the slightest. It’s great to just walk around and not have to worry about putting on shoes or what will fit, or go with clothes, etc. I enjoy the freedom of just walking around, no concern whatsoever for shoes or anything like that.

So pretty much whenever and wherever I want to, I don’t wear shoes. It’s easier, and more comfortable for me. Of course, I have freakishly narrow feet, which makes buying shoes difficult, which probably partially inspired my love of going without. Because it’s always more comfortable to be barefoot than to wear shoes that hurt. But it’s also just that I enjoy the freedom of walking about without shoes on. I do follow a safety aspect though. I never go barefoot near construction. If there’s any danger of my getting hurt, I wear sturdy shoes. Outside of that though, I go without as often as I possibly can.

There’s really no spiritual reason for it. I’m not huge on woods, or outdoorsy stuff when it comes to my paganism. I can appreciate nature. And after living in the Black Forest practically (or rather, right on its doorstep), I really do love forests, trees, and the wonderful scenery that they provide. However, I’m still a city girl and I don’t like to be out in nature for too long. I’m more comfortable near conveniences. So it’s never been a matter of “getting closer to nature” as to why I go barefoot. I’ve just always done it, and I’m most comfortable that way, so I suppose that’s why I’ve always been barefoot for as long as I possibly can be.


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