I wanted to share this article from Druid Life. It’s something new I’ve been working with personally. It’s soothing and also quite relaxing. And crocheting kind of makes me feel closer to my grandma who has passed, as well as others from older generations, as a lot of them crocheted as well.

Druid Life

In my book Druidry and Meditation, I talked a bit about the idea that any activity can be used meditatively. It being a small book, I didn’t explore in detail the many options here. When anything can be a meditation, the potential for discussion is large to the point of being unwieldy. But, this is a more personal one.

I know a lot of Druidy women who work with wool, from spinning it and dyeing to weaving, knitting, crotchet and felt. Working with wool is inherently tactile and it’s an activity that connects us to our ancestors. Especially women. Spinning was so intrinsic to femininity historically, that women were sometimes buried with their distaff, and the female line of descent could be called ‘the distaff line’. There’s a memorable sequence in Marion ZB’s Mists of Avalon, where spinning sends one of the characters into visionary trance states, so it’s not…

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