I have a few articles to read. Found them through JSTOR of course. I’m starting with 2, but I’ve got quite a few to go through. If nothing else, the fact is that these articles are going to be interesting reads. They have been at least to find them and read the first page or so on each. I’m not really sure how well they’ll come out in the long run, but I’ll enjoy reading them nonetheless. I’ve got some enjoyment of the whole situation, what with being able to access JSTOR and get new articles to read for research. I’ll have to check out EBSCOHost later as well.

The articles are interesting enough sounding.

“The Pagan Priests of Early Russia: Some New Insights” by Russell Zguta, from the Slavic Review. JSTOR article: here, if you can access it.

“Perun’s Revenge: Understanding the ‘Duxovnaja Kul’Tura'” by Irving H. Anellis, from Studies in Soviet Thought. JSTOR article: here, if you can access it.

All in all, it should be fun. They sound most interesting. At the worst, I’ve got some very interesting reading. And those are just 2 articles. I think I found about 15 more to go through also. I’ll have to see what I think about these articles. I enjoy research though. So this is the new endeavor for the week.


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