Kind of go out when packing. I’ve been home just over 48 hours now. It’s hard settling back into a time zone 9 hours behind the Freiburg one. I’m still not used to being back in the States. I have to consciously think not to speak German. That’s the hardest part – since no one in my family speaks German, so no one would understand me.

But, before I left I had intended to do a bit of knot magic as a kind of security measure. Something to keep some emotional protection close at hand to myself. Of course, intentions go awry when one must pack 11 months worth of things up in 3 days. So I didn’t get to do that in Freiburg, and the last 2 days I’ve been too busy and exhausted. So that’s my project for tomorrow morning. I’m going to make a bracelet out of some thread I brought back from Freiburg. I figure, keeping it close will make it more effective and should help me out as well. And if it’s a bracelet, well it will be easy to wear without anyone asking any strange questions. Not to mention – it won’t bother my more conservative friends who are uncomfortable with such things.

So experimentation took a week-ish long delay. But that’s a priority for tomorrow. Should be a good exercise. And since I’m not totally exhausted anymore, I have the energy to do this correctly now.