Knot Magic

New project. I’ve been fascinated by this for forever. I’m really always interested in yarn/thread-craft.

My grandma taught me to crochet when I was 7 over Christmas vacation at her house. She’d been doing it for years. I still have 2 blankets she made me. And she was brilliant at it as well. So I asked her to teach me. I’ve been doing it ever since. I’m not good, not at all, but it’s fun and relaxing. I enjoy it, even if for the most part I just make fabric-blobs that serve as really good practice. Or, if they turn out decently, as good cushions for my figurines. Basically – I’m not up to blanket-making territory in the slightest. But I enjoy it.

However, I’ve recently been reading about people who knit as part of their practice. I haven’t seen crocheting discussed that way, but it may just be that more people knit. In any case, I was thinking about it, and it seemed like a good idea. After all, something with patterns, with intention, ought to be good for magic. So I think I might try that, since it would be an interesting experiment at best and at worst just a new way to do things (note – worst isn’t bad at all. I see this as a no-lose scenario).

But then I found a few articles about knot magic. Which sounded fascinating. I’ll need to learn knots to do it, because I don’t know a lot of them. But, I kind of like the idea of creating magic with knots. I know that it probably isn’t the most popular way, but the things I’ve read about it seem fascinating. And I definitely think it would be an interesting thing to work with. The other reason why it probably appeals is that I still live at home, at least until college starts up in September. And my family doesn’t want me “practicing”. Which to them means altar, incense, candles, etc – i.e. big things. However, a small thing like knot magic, well that they wouldn’t care about. It isn’t intrusive at all, it doesn’t make them see that I’m doing anything “weird”. So it’s a form of craft that I could do, even around family or during vacations.

Of course, I’m finding that blogs that discuss knot magic are good for figuring out theory of it. For ideas of how it could be used. For the actual knotting itself, I’ve found some braiding websites or knot-information websites that tell how to make the knots. So it’s practical too. I enjoy practicality in everything I do, so this should work quite well.

And I’m excited to start actually performing witchcraft again. I’ve had to moratorium it all because of my family deciding no more candles or setting up installations in the house. And, me bringing plants, oils, incense and all that stuff into the house would have always been a no. So I have a way to work on this now that my family won’t have a problem with, because it’s wholly unobtrusive. It will be fun to work with this and see about my results.


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