Rune Stones and Tarot

I’ve always liked them. I actually used to do occasional rune stone divination back in high school And they always were right, so I think I must be good with them. Of course, I know that traditionally, the actual Norse peoples probably never used the runes for divination. Still, I found it works. It actually works eerily well for me. My set looks a bit like this, but they’re black, with white etching, and mine is plastic. Once I’m settled in, I want to buy a nice set, one that isn’t scratched up and chipped from several moves back and forth across the state for college and school. So that’s something to save up for.

Still though, I picked up my little beginner’s kit for rune stones when I was about 13. It was funny, the lady in Barnes & Noble was very helpful and nice. She suggested that I ought to learn how to use a tarot deck before trying to work with the runes. I thought that strange and asked her why. Seems, at least from her experience, most people had difficulty with the runes, if that’s where they started. She said she’d had trouble with the runes, until she’d gone and worked with the tarot cards for a while, gotten comfortable, and then went back to runes. So she showed me the tarot decks they had. None of them were all that interesting. By that I mean, absolutely none of them really seemed to say “buy me” the way the rune set did. So I bought just the rune set. Of course, she was a bit surprised, but said that of course I had to do what I thought was right.

I tried working with tarot a few times after I got the runes. It never clicked for me. I couldn’t read it at all. I suspect I just had trouble with it because it wasn’t right. It never made sense, and I couldn’t really read the tarot cards. So I went back to my runes. I certainly won’t say that I’m an expert – I’m not, not even close. But I can at least read the runes for myself, and most of the time understand what I’m reading. There’s been a few times that I’ve been stumped, but I think that is expected. And I’m most comfortable with runes. They make the most sense to me. Which I suppose is the other reason I quit even thinking about working with tarot cards by the time I was 15 and in my sophomore year of high school.

However, recently I found this:

St. Petersburg Tarot –

I really want this. It kind of speaks to me. And I’ve definitely learned that if that’s the case, I should pay attention. And since it’s the first time I’ve ever been interested in a tarot deck for itself, I’m interested. I like the artwork, it looks beautiful. Plus, I suppose there is the kind of turn to the fact that it’s a Russian deck, and I’m Russian. So there’s probably a pull for that reason. However, I’m actually interested in trying to learn how to read tarot cards now, which is new.

So that’s a new thing.

I’m still going to focus on the runes. They’re my favorite and I like mine, even if they are terribly basic. Not to mention, while I’m learning how to use the tarot deck, I need something I know I can read to verify or for when I need a clear-cut answer. But, I think that I’m going to enjoy learning something new.


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