So I started reading more of them. I’m still not sure about how long it’ll take me to read everything. Probably quite a while, considering real life obligations. But…I’ll do it. They’re interesting. I’m kinda hopping between the two, Poetic and Prose, reading whatever pops up and seems to say “read me”.

Still, they’re fascinating. I read the one that tells of how Thor got the Mjölnir back by dressing as Freyja. Which is both giggle inducing and actually really neat. I don’t know how I came across that story originally either. I mean…I know it was the first of anything from the Eddas that I read, but I have no clue how I came across it to begin with. Because it’s not really the type of thing I would have picked up as a kid. All I can figure is that I must have read about Norse mythology in a mythology book and somehow came across that particular story while doing more digging. So that’s one fully read. But, I read that one years ago, so I need to re-read all of it. I’ve restarted it this week though.

But the one I enjoyed most was the Lokasenna from the Poetic Edda. I’m not so sure why I liked it best, but I did. Something just so much…well fun about it. I know, the whole point isn’t to be fun, or even perhaps amusing, but to me it was. It was quite interesting too. I suppose the point is, you can tell what were seen as problems or disliked traits by what they are accused of. Still, it’s nice to just read it for the measure and for what it says. It still is my favorite, even with the others I’ve begun reading. But I’m keeping an open mind. There’s still dozens of things I’ve yet to read out of the Eddas, and I know I have plenty of things to look at before I can definitively say what a favorite or two of mine might be.

So this is just a bit of an update into what I’m doing lately. Reading Eddas, and also doing some research into Slavic mythology. I just don’t have any good concrete examples for that one. Perhaps in this upcoming week I’ll write about that.