I’ve been thinking about this for a month or so now. And I decided to go ahead and do it. I’m pretty sure a few posts of mine kind of show how crazy my life is, and why total upheaval makes sense.

So “Celtic Witch’s Journey”. I’d always figured, months before I started this blog, that would be my blog name. I’d picked it well before I’d ever thought about having a real blog. Because I’m a coward, and up until beginning March I would never have had a public blog. So I seriously had a name all picked out, and I even titled some of my private journal entries with it. (Yes, full-blown coward, but hey, blogs start somehow) So I used it, since I was kind of continuing on from some private journal-type entries that I probably won’t post anytime soon, perhaps one day I’ll get around to transcribing them onto the computer.

I’ve realized though. I’m not really doing much with the Celtic-part. I still enjoy it, but it’s not really a base. I’m kind of totally redefining. Which means research into Celtic, Slavic, Anglo-Saxon, all of it. But I’m no longer focusing on the Celtic. So the name doesn’t really fit me anymore. I’m just removing “Celtic” from the blog title. Because I’m still journeying, but I kind of feel like I ought to not presuppose anything, given how my life is kind of up-ending itself at the moment. And given that my whole life is kind of going crazy and changing, I’m going to scale back the blog title just a tiny bit, so that it feels a bit more open to myself.

Just so it’s clear, new title: Witch’s Journey. Same person and same blog.