Like I’ve said, I lost weight. A lot of it. I feel far better about myself now than I did back in August. I feel happier, more content, just more like myself again. I feel more confident as well. And that makes me far more likely to actually work and learn. Because if I don’t feel bad, I have more energy to do things such as research, practice and learning.

I just like having a reminder for myself. It’s nice to know I’ve come so far, especially considering just how much difficulty I had before in trying to get healthier. I think I’ve learned – stress is the ultimate killer for my work-ethic. I just need to keep giving myself ways to relax (music, reading, enjoying outside time) and then make sure I keep up the exercise and work to ensure I stay this way.

So yes, in short. This is me in 9 month-span, from being unhappy/unhealthy to being far more happy/content and also quite a bit healthier. I think positive reinforcement is a good thing at times, so this is mine.