When Things Go Well…

I should know to look for the trouble.

I’ve been doing okay. Extremely busy with school, but that’s nothing to worry about. It’s normal. In fact, being busy is preferable to being bored to death. But…I should know better than to think too much on it. I’m just generally having trouble in believing anything that my family says. Or, for that matter trusting my sister. She’s decided that now, after years of calling me a liar, that I’m telling the truth. Not really in the mood to listen. And my family all seems to think that I’m just complaining. No. I think that I’ve done a good job about not complaining, considering everything they’ve put me through over the years. In fact, by patience standard, sometimes I think I deserve a medal. (I kid here) So it’s been a rough few weeks. I’ve got 4 history classes finally sorted out, so I’m catching up in one of them, since I started in week 3. I’ll be good by the end of this week. That means I’ll be all up to speed and can start researching my Hausarbeit themes for 2 uni courses, while writing the Hausarbeit for a program course. Should be a busy time until end of July when I go home.

However, in awesome news – I am moving into a campus apartment. So I get privacy and freedom. I’m looking forward to having my own space all to myself. It’s a 1-bedroom suite, so I don’t even have roommates to worry about, which is the best part. So I’m planning on how to set up a simple little altar with simple things that are in no way objectionable to university policies. This makes for more fun in my life, and it makes me a happier person. So at least there’s some good news in my fun times lately.


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